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We hope you will enjoy this varied collection of songs from our recent repertoire, especially the title track which has been adopted as an anthem by the RNLI.

The Choir is always keen to learn and perform new music and this album features songs from Ireland, America and even a bush song from New Zealand, as well as more modern Cornish pieces. The Mermaid Of Zennor has been given to us by its composer, Tony Cliff, and we are delighted to include arrangements from Goff Richards, Tony Tournoff and our own Steve Lawry.

Two Choir members feature as soloists – David Ceredig-Evans in Lean On Me and Colin Trevorrow in The Star Of County Down. Nigel Wicken (organ) and Maureen Nicholls (flute) have also kindly shared their talents. Many of the songs have fine accompaniments, and you will hear Annette Turton playing the grand piano splendidly.

All tracks were recorded by Chris Doggett at St Mary’s Church, Penzance, including the live concert rendition of We Rise Again.

Track List

1. Let There Be Light  –  Giardini (arr. Goff Richards)
2. Lean On Me  –  (with We Shall Overcome) Trad. /Bill Withers (arr. Mark Hayes)
3. Fly Me To The Moon  –  Bart Howard (arr. Alan Simmons)
4. Hallelujah  –  Leonard Cohen (arr. Jonathan Wikeley)
5. Rock Island Line  –  Trad. (arr. Stephen Lawry)
6. When I Hear Music  –  Michael G. Martin
7. The Star Of County Down  –  Irish Folk Song (arr. Donald Patriquin)
8. Anthem  –  Andersson/Ulvaeus (arr. Alan Clark)
9. Till The Stars Fall From The Sky  –  Sally K Albrecht (arr. Jay Althouse)
10. Riversong  –  Roger Emerson
11. Mill Mud  –  David Hamilton
12. Wade In The Water  –  Spiritual (arr. Mark Hayes)
13. The Mermaid Of Zennor  –  Tony Cliff
14. Home, Home From The Sea  –  Phil Coulter (arr. Tony Tournoff)
15. We Rise Again (Live recording)  –  Leon Dubinsky (arr. Steven Smith)

Total Running time – 57 minutes


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